Windows XP is No Longer PCI Compliant

By Mark Houtz on

Today, April 8, 2014, Microsoft stopped providing support for Windows XP. In order to remain PCI Compliant, you must upgrade your machines to Windows 7. Call us today to schedule these necessary upgrades and check out the infographic below to see why you should upgrade.

6 Clues Employees are Stealing

By Scott Lamb on

Did you know that statistics show that 95% of all businesses experience employee theft and that 75% of employees steal from the workplace at least once? The ways restaurant employees steal are sneaky, and unfortunately too many to count. In this infographic below we’ve given 6 clues that your restaurant employees are stealing from you …

7 Habits of Successful Restaurant Owners

By Pinnacle on

What is it that makes a successful restaurant owner? We did some research and created this infographic based on a few sources we found. Take a look and let us know if you agree. We decided that the 7 habits of successful restaurant owners are: Proactive Planning, Consistency, Communication, Tempo Management, Attitude Adjustments, Multi-Tasking, and …

Oakley Polar King Install

By Pinnacle on

A few weeks ago, we replaced old cash tills with Digital Dining at the Oakley Polar King located in Oakley, Utah. This small seasonal mom and pop burger and shake shop was struggling with errors made by employees. The totals at the end of the day were not balancing. Employees were not up charging for …

PCI-DSS Mobile Payment Security Guidelines

By Pinnacle on

The PCI Security Standards Council has release a new document regarding the use of mobile devices such as Apple’s iPod and iPad for accepting payments. To continue to be complaint with PCI regulations and to improve your site’s information security, restaurant that are using mobile devices should familiarize and apply these regulations to their current …

Digital Dining Running on Apple’s iPad Mini

By Pinnacle on

Our friends and fellow Digital Dining Dealer, Armagh POS, created a video demonstrating the Apple’s iPad Mini running Digital Dining POS. It’s the same great interface as on other iPads just with a slightly small screen. Think the iPad is just a little too large for your restaurant, while the iPod Touch is a little …

RSPA Press Release including Pinnacle Technologies

By Pinnacle on

Here is an article including Pinnacle Technologies’ part of the press release last week. Pinnacle integrated Digital Dining software and Epson wireless printers into a solution for the The Tram at Hanauma Bay on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Check it out here.

RSPA RetailNow National Press Release

By Pinnacle on

Pinnacle Technologies, Digital Dining, and Epson join forces at RSPA RetailNow for national press release. Following the successful installation at the Tram at Hanauma Bay on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Pinnacle installed eight handheld terminals using Apple’s iPod Touch with a Linea Pro card swipe. Digital Dining Dealer, Pinnacle Technologies, received national press for …