Point of Sale

Our focus at Pinnacle Technologies is on providing the highest quality Point of Sale systems to the Restaurant industry in the Utah, Idaho, and Nevada areas. Point of sale systems is all we specialize in which provides our customers with quality service, from highly qualified Technicians.

Our flagship system is Digital Dining POS. Our technicians have spend countless hours installing, servicing, and supporting the highest quality point of sale system available for the restaurant industry. Our technicians fine tune the POS system individually for each site based upon each location’s individual business needs. That is one of the strongest qualities Digital Dining holds, the power of customization to fit your business needs. Is your marketing department searching for new ways to interact with your clients or for a way to track an individual’s spending and interests at your restaurant? Look no further than Digital Dining’s built in Frequent Diner Program. Does your business plan call for strong reporting of assests, sales, or inventory? Digital Dining follows through with the best reporting options in the restaurant POS industry. Digital Dining is fully, PA-DSS and PCI-DSS Compliant, and our technicians will set you on the path to help you obtain PCI Compliance. There are so many reasons, Digital Dining is voted #1 by thousands of restaurantuers across the country, so call today to schedule a demo.