Frequently Asked Questions


(Thermal Printers Only)

Not printing, paper IS feeding.
Is the paper in backwards?
Are you sure that it is thermal paper? (shiny/fax type paper)

(All Printer Types)

Printer is printing weird symbols (garbage)
power printer off/on
check connections
Not printing at all
are the correct light(s) lit and solid
is the printer plugged in and getting power
power the printer off/on
check the connections to the printer (power and data)
re-load the paper
swap out this printer with a working printer to see if the problem follows the printer.

Credit Card Swipes

(Types and Models Vary)

not responding or intermittent response
check for green light
check connections>
clean using a wet-nap
power off workstation, check connections, power on

Credit Card Verification

Authorizations not going through (all declined)
check for power to the credit card modem (small red led light on left front of modem)
from the main PC, click on the DDCD or Digital Dining Credit Card Icon. If the display box reads "modem init error", click the command button on the right and then click the start button just under the command button.

Workstations and Touch Screens

Note: when powering off/on, remember to turn off/on the touchscreen and the PC under it.

Screen not responding to touch
check connections
if there is a keyboard or keypad attached, be sure there are no keys stuck or depressed.
shut down/ power down the touchscreen & PC, power station back on.

Battery Backup

continuous beeping
check connections
power off/on
try a different electrical outlet (check circuit breaker)

Cash Drawer

drawer won’t open
check connections
be sure receipt printer is on and on-line